Benefits of an FFL

So why in the heck would I want an FFL License anyway? There are three primary benefits to completing your federal firearms license application, and I've listed each one separately.

Benefit 1 - You Can Legally Buy Firearms at Wholesale Prices

This is the reason most people pursue getting their FFL, including me.  If you buy more than 1 gun a year, getting your gun dealer license can save you lots of money.  Just consider that the typical wholesale discount is around 30%, meaning that handguns that have a retail cost of around $500, can be purchased wholesale for about $350.  If you're interested in a kit to help walk you through the federal firearms license application process, the one we recommend includes everything you need to know to setup accounts with the top firearms wholesalers.

Benefit 2 - You Can Start a Business Selling Firearms

Some get their federal firearm license to start a business as a gun dealer.  This by no means has to be a full-time business.  I know some guys that routinely use their gun dealer license to buy firearms at wholesale prices and mark them up slightly (still below retail) to sell to their friends.  Since these deals are typically special orders, there is little or no money up front and you can make a nice profit.  There is no limit on the number of guns you can buy and sell and having your FFL allows you to get firearms through the mail as well with no hassle.

Benefit 3 - You Can Legally Collect "Curio & Relic" Firearms

Curio and Relic firearms are antique weapons that are not available to the general public.  This requires a Type 3 FFL license. If you don't know what a Type 3 FFL License is, don't worry, it's explained HERE.

As we've said bfore, there are several kits on the web that will walk you through the entire process of submitting your Federal Firearms License application and make sure you get it done quickly and correctly.  The kit we like the best can be found HERE.  I can honestly say we've never had a complaint from anyone we've referred to them, so please do yourself a favor and check them out.

Good Luck!

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